Playa Circular

Valencia, SP

Associates: Leandro Castro, Ana Babaya, Rocío Monje, Alejandro Puente & Franco Gilardi

Year 2023

“Playa Circular” is a democratic meeting space where we can learn, make visible and discuss the urgency of climate change and its effects on the cities we live in. It represents the value of the resilience of the city-nature binomial through the symbolic recreation of the collective scenario of the beach.

“Playa Circular” is both a scene of discussion under a shade and a rehearsal of an urban public beach. It is the desire that at the crossroads between these two worlds we can stop to talk and in community visualize possible future scenarios. We are interested in the pavilion inviting us to reflect on architecture and urban space in the face of the climate emergency. During the TAC Festival we will meet here to ask ourselves: Is it possible to live in another way? Can our cities be different? Can the natural gain space? Can the beach, the meadow, the mountain, the swamp, the river, return to the city? Can the community re-recognize itself in these environments?

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