Rigor and abstraction. Post-industrialization. Minimum housing


“Concurso Nacional de Ideas Vivienda Sustentable - Ecológica Villa María”
Associates: David Coffio

Collaborators: Rocio Monje, Renzo Monjuic, Julian Beccacece, Checho Caneva & Timsi

Córdoba, ARG

Year 2019

Housing, as a physical/architectural structure, supports heterogeneous family structures. Being determinant of an urban fabric characterized by spaces of transition between the public space and the intimacy of the dwelling, the consolidation of plot fronts and introspective patios in the heart of the block.

The stageability and functional flexibility of the typology make it adaptable tovarious family types. Avoiding its obsolescence, applying sustainability in the time variable. With an architecture that enables different ways of living; of free spaces, appropriable by its inhabitants.

Social Housing, as an action to promote the development of vulnerable sectors and its inclusion within the framework of the resolution of the housing problem, implies the rational and efficient use of limited resources, enhancing the scope and effectiveness of this investment.In pursuit of this objective, the proposal is governed by the optimization of spaces, its functional flexibility and versatile growth in stages.

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