Landscapes of Joy


Concurso Internacional de Ideas Expo 2023 - Concurso N 6 Espacio Público, Boulevard y Puente

Associates: Adolfo Mondejar, Pablo Mondejar, Rosario Mondejar, Rocio Monje & Marcos Alonso

Structural Engineer Asesor: Edgar Moran 

Landscape Architecture Asesor: Sofia Pignata

Buenos Aires, ARG

Year 2019

The main strategy of this project was to produce an architectural piece with an urban scale. The project is lo- cated in the terrain of Tecnópolis, which is an area owned by the national government that is frequently used for exhibitions, concerts, festivals, etc. We decided to consolidate the main boulevard and its buildings by creating a white metal roof in the form of a loop that provides to the thousands of visitors that arrive per day a protected space to walk around the boulevard and visit the different national and international pavilions of the Expo 2023. This roof marks clearly the main boulevard of the Expo where the permanent and temporary pavilions are located. In addition, after the Expo’s event the roof is conserved as a legacy for the Tecnópolis terrain and it still frames and organizes the territory for future events or festivals. As the competition required to design a bridge that could cross over the Av. General Paz and connect the a nearby park, we integrated this giant pedestrian bridge with the boulevard making a bridge-gate that welcomes everybody to the Expo 2023.

Near the boulevard there was a lake, which we recovered and consolidated as a place for events and exposi- tions by installing a floating round scenario in the middle of the water. The rest or the terrain was reserved as a park, favoring natural green spaces and introducing only a red walking path that is at the same time a point of view towards the magnificence of the Expo.

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