A rental structure in front of the Parana. The nature of the ephemeral and time 

Pabellón IX BIAU

Associates: Coffio David, Avendaño Diego, Figueroa Astrain Francisco

Rosario, ARG

Year 2014

Photo & Video: Federico Cairoli

The pavilion was conceived as a compact element seeking to preserve the link between the park and the river, minimizing the impact on the 
environment and without interrupting the horizon line at the pedestrian level. Respecting the horizontality ofthe landscape and its 
panoramic views.The pavilion, as a typology, lacks a specific program giving rise to a multiplicity of uses, being indifferent to a 
pre-established function. In this sense,the architectural theme was approached from the premise of giving shelter to a free and flexible space; 
a container of possibilities. Space that frankly articulates with the square where it is inserted, reinforcing its public character. 
Clearly linking with the existing pavilions: integrating them and generating a route in which the proposed pavilion is the main protagonist.
Faced with the temporary requirement, it was decided to develop a scaffolding structure, being a completely recyclable system. It has a list 
of repeatable modules allowing quick assembly on site; its dry assembly and the lightness of the elements used contribute feasibility to the 
execution of the proposal. Following the same criteria, the enclosure consists of “silo-bag” canvases arranged as fabrics that are woven 
into the structure.


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