Public Sports and Cultural Park in Patagonia


Concurso Nacional de Ideas Parque Deportivo y Cultural San Patricio del Chañar

Associates: Adolfo Mondejar, Rocio Monje, Rosario Mondejar & Marcos Alonso

Collaborators: Benjamin Moneo, Guillermo Gianre & Pilar Luciani

Landscape Architecture Asesor: Sofia Pignata

Neuquén, ARG

Year 2020

The park is structured by placing the required buildings on the borders of the park and as a result leaving the inner space of the terrain free for outdoor activities. It was our intention to design an architecture coherent with this rural area, taking advantage of the local techniques. Thus, the buildings designed have a resemblan- ce with productive storehouses and a strong sensibility about the local landscape. The cultural, commercial, gastronomic and administrative program required was organized in five pavilions distributed in the right side of the terrain. This pavilions could be built in successive moments, getting adjusted to the city’s budget for this project. This was actually a requirement for the competition, and we understood that by developing five identical pavilions that could host the indoor activities we were simplifying and enabling an easier later cons- truction of the project. The main building is the one that hosts the sportive activities. It is basically a sports center for this village and other close rural settlements.

The park design is based in the geometrical landscape scheme of the rural environment which uses trees to protect the land and the crops from wild winds. In other words, we understood the important meaning of trees in this desert area of Patagonia and we decided to extend the rural landscape to make it enter the village and the park itself. Hence, the final design has no further pretensions than providing a comfortable natural area for the citizens.

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