Over time, it would constitute his legacy, noble and patrimonial


Concurso Nacional de Ideas Banco Nación, Organización Funcional y Tecnológica,
Conservación y Puesta en Valor de la Planta Baja de su Casa Central

Associates: Adolfo Mondejar, Rocio Mondejar, Rocio Monge & Marcos Alonso

Collaborators: Benjamin Moneo, Guillermo Gianre & Pilar Luciani

Asesors: Betina 

Buenos Aires, ARG

Year 2021

The central house of Banco Nación Argentina, constitutes one of the most emblematic architectural pieces of Buenos Aires and our country, its character of historical heritage, marks a flourishing period in Argentine architecture. The intervention on a building of this character, designed by the architect Alejandro Bustillo, involves a detailed study of all its aspects that refer to its history, it's important and valuable pre-existence as well as its spaces that give meaning to the institution.

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